A Pandemic in Review — How We Survived Isolation

Robert Yeutter enjoying a Dodger Baseball game during the pandemic. Courtesy of: Therese Lim
Robert Yeutter’s essential items for his essential job at UPS. The items include his ID, his keys, and his mask. (Courtesy of: Robert Yeutter)
Self-Interview of Robert James Yeutter about COVID-19 experience
Video Interview with Fabian Chavarria of Santa Fe Springs, CA about how the pandemic affected him and how he felt he was able to survive the lockdowns in California
Therese hard at work taking her online photography class at CSUF. (Courtesy of: Robert Yeutter)
The Planting Bench that Therese used to help her grandmother take care of her garden during the pandemic. (Courtesy of: Robert Yeutter)
Therese Lim, Norwalk, CA, takes care of her two budgies, Sunshine and Moonshine. The birds have a specific regiment of care that benefited from her being at home during the pandemic. (Courtesy of: Robert Yeutter)



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Robert Yeutter

Robert Yeutter

Journalism is printing something that someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations. — George Orwell